.38/200 Military Load


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This is our .38/200 load that replicates the look of the original military spec load.  It features a .361″ 200 grain lead Round Nose and achieves a relatively modest 540 FPS from 3″ barrels.  This is the cartridge designed for use in Webley Mk IV and Enfield No. 2 revolvers.

This load can be shot safely in 38 S&W revolvers.

Note that this MKI bullet does not have a traditional, deep cannelure and roll crimp.  The long 200 grain bullet has sufficient bearing surface to ensure plenty of neck tension, and a subtle roll crimp is used.  This bullet has the wide round nose profile that you expect from .38/200 ammo.

50 Round Box

New Starline Brass

Non corrosive primers and powder

200 grain RN cast bullet


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