45-70 Govt Ammo

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The 45-70 Government cartridge has a remarkable history of military and sporting use. Its enduring reputation for power and accuracy continues to shine. For hunters and enthusiasts of lever-action rifles, the 45-70 round proves to be remarkably accurate, with plenty of energy on tap, at distances beyond 200 yards, depending on the load. It has a proven track record for dependability and precision.

  • 45-70 Government 300gr. Hornady JHP (Goldilocks Load)

  • 45-70 Government 300gr. Hornady JHP (High Power)

  • 45-70 Government 300gr. Hornady JHP 200rds (High Power)

  • 45-70 Government 300gr. Solid Copper Hollow Point

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  • 45-70 Government 325gr. Brass Monolithic 20rds

  • 45-70 Government 400gr Soft Point Flat Nose

  • 45-70 Government 405gr. RNFP Subsonic

  • 45-70 Government 405gr. RNFP Trapdoor Load

  • 45-70 Government 500gr. Cast – Soft Alloy

  • 45-70 Government 500gr. Hard Cast

  • 45-70 Government 730gr. WFN Subsonic

  • 45-70 Government Light Recoil 300gr. JHP (Safe in Trapdoor Springfields)

  • 45-70 Government Light Recoil 300gr. JHP 200rds


What Makes 45-70 Govt Ammo So Special?

Something to note about the 45-70 is that it is among the very few cartridges that are classified into three distinct categories – based on peak pressure. Whether engaged in target shooting or pursuing various types of game, the 45-70 Govt cartridge stands as a testament to those who demand exceptional accuracy, unwavering reliability, and unparalleled performance.

Originally designed in 1873, this cartridge played a vital role in many military campaigns due to its impressive power and long-range capabilities, proving itself a reliable and effective option. It quickly found favor among sportsmen pursuing large game. The 45-70 round’s ability to deliver devastating terminal performance became highly valued, ensuring ethical kills and minimizing the chances of wounded animals escaping. Shop yours at Steinel Ammo today.

Why Purchase Your 45-70 Govt Ammo From Steinel Ammo?

Today, 45-70 Govt ammo survives as a star at Steinel Ammunition for two reasons: 1) We appreciate the difference between vintage and modern firearms, and 2) we perform exhausting amounts of pressure testing to ensure each recipe performs well- at the appropriate level of pressure. At Steinel Ammo, we live and breathe our motto: Dedicated to Every Round™. We pride ourselves on delivering top-of-the-line ammunition that is safe, dependable, and highly effective for all our customers’ firearms needs. Furthermore, we back our products unequivocally with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee return policy. Whether you require handgun ammorifle ammo, or shotgun ammo, Steinel Ammo has you covered. Treat yourself by shopping at Steinel Ammo for your 45-70 Govt ammunition—premium ammunition is all we do.