45-70 Government 300gr. Hornady JHP (High Power)


  • 300gr Hornady JHP
  • 2,020 FPS (18″)
    • 30k PSI
    • NOT safe in Trapdoor Springfiled Rifles
  • New Starline brass
  • Feeds well in all lever guns

20 Rounds

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This very potent 45-70 load offers power and accuracy.  2,020 FPS is achieved with the mere 18.5″ of the venerable Marlin Guide Guns.  Recoil is a push- a very hard, heavy, push. Inadequate eye relief WILL result in a scope cut.  This load is in safe in strong actions, including modern lever action rifles and single shots.  This round offers you the ability to take full advantage of your modern rifle’s performance potential.

Check out our YouTube video comparing our three 45-70 jacketed hollow point loads.

Here is an entertaining video from Wolf’s Prairie Outdoors using this round to shoot a Boston Butt!

This High Power load is NOT safe in the following:

-Original Trapdoor Springfields—see our Trapdoor load Other 45-70 options available here.

-Modern Trapdoor replicas

-Original Sharps 1874

-Any rolling block

-Other (old) 45-70 rifles

This load is optimal for deer at distances beyond 50 yards if meat damage is a concern.

This very potent round is extremely accurate and consistent.  Safe in all strong actions including modern lever guns, modern Sharps, High Walls, and single shots.


We have Trapdoor loads for this application. Other 45-70 options available here.

20 Rounds

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