45-70 Government 405gr. RNFP Trapdoor Load


  • 1,290 FPS (18.5″ pressure barrel)
  • 1,345 FPS (32″ Trapdoor Rifle)
  • 405-grain round nose flat point
  • 19K PSI
  • 20 Rounds
  • New Starline Brass
  • Vihta Vuori (smokeless) Powder

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Our 45-70 Is Ready To Shoot

This is our favorite 45-70 for light-recoil plinking. Developed with the 1873 “Trapdoor” Springfield in mind, it is a great option for any rifle (or revolver) chambered in 45/70. These projectiles are cast from a softer alloy ideal for the lower pressure and velocity of a proper Trapdoor load.

Why Use 45-70 Trapdoor Ammo?

Our 45-70 Springfield trapdoor bullets are loaded with smokeless powder, and every batch is pressure tested to ensure they do not exceed the limits of older rifles. Not only do we pressure test in a universal receiver, but we also use a Trapdoor rifle to test the velocity and completeness of burn. Because this is an ammo typically used for a vintage firearm, they are widely used for target shooting to experience the feel of an old rifle. If you’re looking to see what it’s like handling an older-style weapon with the bullets that were intended for it, look no further than our trapdoor loads at Steinel Ammo.

Why Purchase 45-70 Springfield Trapdoor Ammo From Steinel Ammo?

At Steinel Ammo, our commitment lies in providing secure, reliable, and effective ammunition for your firearms to achieve peak performance. Extensive research and testing back our promise of an unparalleled shooting experience with each trigger pull. Furthermore, we offer unwavering support with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee return policy.

Whether it’s rifle ammohandgun ammo, shotgun ammo, or any other type, Steinel Ammo has you covered. Ensure you have a superior shooting experience by choosing Steinel Ammo for your 45-70 Springfield trapdoor ammunition. Explore our trapdoor ammo selection online, or reach out to us today!

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