500 Auto Max 350gr. JHP


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  • 20 rounds
  • New Starline brass
  • Hodgdon Powder
  • 2,120 FPS (18″)

A reasonably-priced and effective round for the AR500 platform.

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This is THE big bore AR cartridge for pure power.  The 500 Auto Max, fired from the Big Horn Armory AR500, is capable of taking any game, anywhere.  This Steinel load uses a 350 grain XTP Mag- the same .500″ projectile that is most popular in the 500 S&W.  The advantage of 500 Auto Max is clear when comparing its performance against its parent revolver cartridge: the same 350 grain bullet from an 8″ X-Frame achieves 1,700 fps.  The longer barrel of the AR-500 allows us to drive this same bullet past 2,000 FPS!  Backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee

20 Rounds

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Big Horn Armory 500 Automax Ammo



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