44 Magnum 225gr. Solid Copper Hollow Point- Ultimate Deer Load


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In stock


This 44 Magnum load is ideal for quick, ethical kills on deer-sized game.  Our Ultimate Deer Load has proven its ability to effectively penetrate shoulders and ribs without impeding expansion.  Recovered bullets on mature bucks in excess of 200 pounds prove that this bullet consistently outperforms both hard cast and jacketed bullets.  This load works well in both revolvers, lever guns, and even the Magnum Research Desert Eagle!

  • Expansion guaranteed- recovered bullet diameters often exceed 1.1″ !
  • 225 grain Maker Solid Copper Hollow Points
  • 1,280 FPS from 5″ bbl (818 ft-lbs)
  • 1,450 FPS from 10″ bbl (1,050 ft-lbs)
  • New Starline brass
  • Hodgdon powder
  • CCI primers

20 Rounds


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