45 Colt 250gr RNFP Cowboy Load


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  • Very light recoil
  • Clean (great choice for indoor ranges)
  • 250gr RNFP
  • 580 FPS (4.3″ bbl)
    • Extremely consistent
  • New, Starline brass
  • Smokeless powder
  • 50 rounds

In stock


This low-power 45 Colt ammo is perfect for plinking.  It features virgin brass,  a coated lead bullet, and smokeless powder.  Its flat nose makes it perfect for lever guns as well as revolvers.  Safe in any 45 Colt revolver, this is the other end of the spectrum compared to our +P+ 315gr and 350gr 45 Colt loads.  This cowboy load is also perfect for small or novice shooters, and the coated projectiles offer the economy of cast bullets without the smoke and barrel fouling that can accompany traditional cast bullets.

This 250gr load is slightly more accurate than our 200gr Cowboy load.


As with all of our ammo, special attention is paid throughout the loading process.  The result is safe, reliable, and clean ammunition that you can count on.

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Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 in