.458″ 325gr. Brass Monolithic Bullets 20


  • 325 grain flat point bullets
  • 20 count box
  • Solid Brass

These are the same brass projectiles loaded in our 458 SOCOM , 45/70, and 458 Win Mag

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This is the Steinel 325 grain flat point .458″ brass bullet.

This brass bullet was designed from the ground up for loading in 458 SOCOM and 45/70 Government. Two crimp grooves give you the option of loading to a short or long OAL for 458 SOCOM (approx. 2.002″ or 2.181″).

This provides multiple options to take advantage of your preferred case capacity, while still fitting in your AR magazines. Note that the upper crimp groove must be used for 45/70—this allows an OAL that will feed in all lever guns. This bullet can also be loaded in 458 Winchester Magnum. These are the bullets used in our own 458 SOCOM (1,640 fps), 45/70 (1,911 fps), and 458 Win Mag (2,520 fps). The consistency of these is exceptional and once you fine-tune your own load…so is the accuracy.

To push the limits of this projectile we shot a 1/2″ steel plate from our Ruger M77 458 Winchester Magnum.  This is the level of energy that it took- into steel- to cause a bullet failure.  Note that the bullet broke into 3 pieces, but only separated after using tools to remove from within the steel plate.  Penetration almost nearly accomplished, but the 1/2″ of steel proved too much depth for the.458″ projectiles- despite the nearly 4,600 ft-lbs of energy (see product image).


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20 Projectiles

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