500 Auto Max 440gr. Hard Cast WFNGC


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  • 20 rounds
  • New Starline brass
  • Hodgdon Powder
  • 2,050 FPS (18″)

A perfect way to capitalize on the baddest AR in existence.

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This is THE big bore AR cartridge for pure power.  The 500 Auto Max, fired from the Big Horn Armory AR500, is capable of taking any game anywhere.  This is our first hard cast load for this cartridge and it is an absolute pleasure to shoot in a semi-automatic platform.

This Steinel load uses a 440 grain hard cast, wide flat nose bullet with a gas check (WFNGC).  Extensive testing proves this “soup can” bullet to have no issues feeding in the AR500.  This means you can launch a heavy, 440 grain hard cast bullet with a WIDE meplat through a semi-automatic rifle.  The penetrating power of this load is incredible.  This is a perfect option for any short range big game hunting as well as defense against large coastal bears.

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20 Rounds

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Big Horn Armory 500 Automax Ammo


Range (yds) Velocity (fps) Energy (ft-lbs) Trajectory (in)
                      –        1,600        2,501           (1.5)
                     50        1,479        2,138            1.3
                    100        1,369        1,831              –
                    150        1,271        1,577           (5.9)
                    200        1,186        1,373         (17.1)
                    250        1,115        1,216         (34.6)

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