7.7 x 58 Japanese Arisaka 170gr. FMJBT


Projectile: 174 grain FMJBT

  • 20 Rounds
  • 2,380 FPS
  • New, reloadable brass
  • CCI Primer
  • Shooters World Powder

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This 7.7 Japanese Arisaka load was born from the lack of bullet availability during COVID panic buying in 2022.  While it was created as a substitute for our 174gr load, customers began asking for this load specifically.  This handsome 7.7 X 58mm load features a long, sleek 303 cal FMJBT, and is a great option for targets- both close and far.  From a 26″ Universal Receiver pressure barrel, muzzle velocity is 2,380 fps.

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WARNING: If you have not yet fired your Type 99- please inspect your rifle before shooting. If there is no rifling present, you are likely in possession of a training rifle. These training rifles were designed only for extremely low-pressure BLANKS, and firing live cartridges such as these WILL result in injury.

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3.3 × 1.4 in