10mm Auto 220gr Cast RNFP


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  • 220gr Hard Cast Hi-Tek Coated RNFP
  • 1,160 FPS
  • Pressure tested and within SAAMI limits
  • New, Starline Brass
  • Accurate Powder

20 Rounds

In stock


This is a hard-hitting, 220 grain load for 10mm that excels in penetration and accuracy.  This hard cast 10mm Auto load is safe for, but not optimal in, stock Glock barrels as they are slightly over-sized and may not facilitate proper bullet obturation.  This can lead to reduced accuracy at longer distances.  We recommend using an aftermarket drop-in barrel (here is what we use) if you plan to shoot cast bullets through a stock Glock barrel at distances further than 20 yards.  We have had one customer report accuracy and chambering issues in their Springfield XD due to its tighter chamber dimensions.

20 Rounds

Penetration with this round is excessive for self-defense.   Our self-defense round is here.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2.2 × 1.8 in