45 ACP 200gr Defensive Hollow Points- Gold Dot

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Condition: New

Bullet Weight: 200 Grain

Bullet Type: Bonded Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)

Ammo Casing: Brass

Quantity: 20 ROUNDS

Ammo Caliber: 45 ACP/45 Auto

Primer Type: Boxer

Muzzle Velocity: 1,100 FPS

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This is Steinel’s newest 45 ACP self-defense round.  This standard pressure 45 ACP load uses Speer’s reliable Bonded Gold Dot Jacketed Hollow Points (JHP).  Velocity is just shy of 1,100 FPS from 5″ barrels.

Average pressure is 20,500 PSI.  Both the velocity and pressure of this load are extremely consistent.

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