M1 Garand M2 Ball 30-06 150gr FMJ


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  • M2 Ball suitable in all 30-06 rifles
  • 150 grain FMJBT
  • 2,700 FPS
  • Vihta Vuori powder
  • Very consistent
  • New, reloadable Starline brass

20 Rounds

In stock


This M1 Garand M2 Ball is suitable for all rifles chambered in 30-06, but is optimized for the M1 Garand.  Consistency and the integrity of your Garand’s operating rod were our primary concerns in developing this load.  A modest average velocity of 2,700 FPS ensures reliable feeding, without putting excessive wear and  tear on your prized rifle.

150 grain FMJBT

New Brass

Light Roll Crimp

20 Rounds


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Dimensions 3.3 × 6 × 2 in