30 Carbine 90gr Jacketed Hollow Point XTP


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Projectile: 90gr Hornady XTP Jacketed Hollow Point

  • 20 Rounds
  • 2,220 FPS
  • New, reloadable Starline brass
  • CCI Primer
  • Hodgdon Powder

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This 30 Carbine hollow point load effectively turns your M1 Carbine into a formidable tactical or small game hunting tool.  It features Starline brass and an XTP hollow point from Hornady.  This is an affordable, jacketed lead bullet that epxands well upon impact- particularly at the higher velocities achieved with a light weight of 90 grains.  This load will “up the game” of your M1 Carbine, but when selecting suitable game, please note that this is a light-for-caliber projectile and penetration may not be suitable for larger thick-skinned animals.

Note: Due to the flat nose profile of this bullet, some magazines have difficulty introducing rounds reliably into the chamber.  We recommend trying one box prior to making a large purchase.  Most interference issues can be eliminated by pushing forward on the back of the magazine’s bottom edge.  This causes the topmost round to tilt nose-up slightly.

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