450 Bushmaster 425gr. Subsonic Solid Copper Hollow Point (SCHP)


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20 Rounds 

  • Maker REX 425gr SCHP
  • New Starline brass
  • CCI 450 Primer
  • Shooters World Powder

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This 450 Bushmaster load uses a 425 grain lead-free, expanding solid copper hollow point.  Expansion is impressive at velocities as low as 700 FPS!  This is yet another reason why we depend on Maker Bullets for so many of our hunting and self defense projectiles.  These are the perfect choice for subsonics through your AR or bolt gun.  These large, heavy bullets will not stabilize with 1:24 twist rates and 1:16 is optimal.


20″ AR15: 1,023 FPS

20″ Remington 700: 1,046 FPS


These Maker SCHPs offer multiple advantages over the more traditional cup and core bullets.  These CNC-machined bullets go through an extensive R&D process and are machined to extremely tight tolerances.  The sides undergo EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine) to exacting depths to ensure ideal expansion at a wide range of velocities.  The result is consistent penetration and unparalleled expansion. This load is also legal for most parts of shotgun-only zones in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and hunting in the state of California. Be sure to check your State’s regulations and capacity laws.

20 Rounds


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