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Steinel 500 Auto Max

By 10/07/2019April 30th, 2024500 Auto Max
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The 500 Auto Max is a big bore cartridge with large amounts of power. This load from Steinel uses a 350 grain XTP Mag, which is the same .500” projectile that is most popular in the .500 S&W. The .500 S&W has a semi-rimmed case that doesn’t feed well from box magazines. The solution to this issue is the 500 Auto Max’s rimless cartridge design that allows for a smooth, consistent cycle in semi automatic actions.

500 Auto Max Powerful Enough For The Largest Game

The 500 Auto Max is powerful enough to take down every big game animal in North America. If you are hunting bears, elk, moose, deer, or feral hogs, a well placed shot with this ammunition will stop the animal in its tracks. No hunter wants to have to chase down or approach a wounded animal. A cleanly dropped animal makes for a safer and more enjoyable hunting experience. Additionally, the 500 Auto Max brings this power to states that have hunting regulations permitting only the use of straight-walled cartridges.

Rigorously Tested For Safety and Consistency

With all Steinel handgun or rifle ammunition, you can be sure that countless hours of research, testing and dedication have gone into your ammunition. Each recipe is painstakingly developed and is designed to provide you with optimal performance. Knowing that you are using reliable ammunition should be a prime consideration for the safety of yourself, and anyone else around you.
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